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Pool-in Funds & Save for Future

Inchbank is by far the most innovative way to pool in funds and save money with your friends and family. We aim to make money digitally accessible and combine it with the power of community so people can team up and pool in to achieve something big, or simply just save up for the future.

Salary Advance

Payday loans in Canada-Interest free

We take pride in being the first ever bank in Canada’s history that offers short-term and Interest-free payday loans.
Once you submit an online application, our support team performs a super quick verification. Upon its completion, the loan will be transferred to your bank account on the same day.
On top of that, the more frequently you pay back your loan on time, the more credibility our system develops for your profile by giving trust/reward points. Hence, every time you come back for salary advance, your request will be prioritized on the basis of trust points you have gathered from previous experiences with us. Our primary objective is to develop a long-term relationship with our customers so they can count on us, in their hour of need.

Smart Cards

Inchbank will help you keep your money at your fingertips and ‘Pay On The Go‘ while keeping it safe in a card that only you can use.
Whether you would like to share money with loved ones, shop online or simply want to stay within budget; our seamless app integrations enable you to load the card and use it however you want.
Enjoy having one wallet for all your day-to-day needs without any hassle of carrying cash with you. Depending on your usage preferences, we customized four different cards to help you stay on top of your finances

  1. Halal Card
  2. Kosher Card
  3. Student Card
  4. Family Card
Prepaid cards- INCHBANK

Improved Credit Visibility

Improve credit visibility in canada

PERC Canada estimates that nearly 6 million Canadians are “credit invisible.” which means they either have no account payment history in their credit reports (normally called as “no files”) or have very inadequate data in their credit reports (termed as “thin files”).
Having said that, we believe that our FinTech platform does have the potential to transform the situation. When a safe, inclusive, and trustworthy technology merge with your own community and forms a financial system, you will feel encouraged and motivated to accomplish your financial goals. Managing your expenses in a better way, spending mindfully and saving up for the future eventually help you improve your credit score
Moreover, we will be reporting the credit history to the consumer reporting agencies i.e., TransUnion, Equifax, etc. which ultimately improves your credit visibility and you get to enjoy a better financial future

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