Helping People To Pool Funds & Achieve Financial Goals Quickly Without Any Barrier

Inchbank is an app (platform) that helps local community groups to pool funds, improve credit scores, transfer funds to friends & family hassle-free and much more…

Our App Features

Pool-in Funds & Save for Future

Set small challenges with your friends and stay motivated to save money for the future. We aim to make money digitally accessible and combine it with the power of community so people can team up to achieve something big, or simply just save up for the future.

Reward points

We believe saving money is difficult task. But our reward points feature will keep you motivated to achieve your financial goals in the most optimum way

Pay On The Go

Keep your money safely yet at your fingertips by loading it in our prepaid cards and use the card anywhere you want.

Better Credit Visibility

We report credit history to consumer reporting agencies which eventually improves your credit score and guarantee a more secure future

Salary Advance

Need emergency funding? You can count on us! We take pride in being the first ever bank in Canada's history that offers interest-free loans. Get money and give back the loan when you receive your next salary

Take first-step towards a better Financial Future

Inchbank Canada

Our Core Values & Beliefs

Financial Inclusion & Wellness for Everyone

Financial Collaborations & Power of Community

Financial Integrity and Privacy